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Maison Louis Thiers Aromatic Reed Diffuser-Vanille

Maison Louis Thiers Aromatic Reed Diffuser-Vanille

Since its inception, the Maison Louis Thiers candle and diffuser ranges from Laguiole by Louis Thiers have gained a reputation for quality home fragrances and elegant packaging. Every piece is special having been produced with care and commitment. Maison Louis Thiers candles and diffusers offer unique fragrances precisely formulated and layered to deliver depth, richness and complexity. 

Maison Louis Thiers aromatic candle and diffuser range offers familiar French garden fragrances that enliven the senses and transport you to a beautiful fragrant garden.
  • Details

    - Scented diffuser oil in a cut glass bottle
    - Natural reeds
    - Fragrance options are Mandarin, Vanille, Jasmin
    - Elegant gift box

    Note; Tray is not included.

    Bottle weight: 400 g
    Bottle height: 150 mm
    Bottle width: 70 mm
    Reed length: 290 mm
    Reed width: 3 mm

    Diffuser bottle: Cut glass
    Diffuser: Natural reeds

    Handle your reed diffuser with care. Always hold the body of the glass bottle, rather than the neck. Avoid contact of oil and reeds with eyes and skin, as well as wood surfaces and fabrics. The oil may cause staining and discolouration. Keep away from an open flame and heat. Do not ingest the oil. Keep away from children and pets. Clean any spilled oil immediately.

    Fragrant reed diffusers are an exciting alternative to candles. They offer a natural way of dispensing fragrances into the air. You can regulate the intensity of the fragrance to suit your mood and time of day. For a light gradual diffusion, use fewer reeds or less of the scented oil. Form a more intense scent, turn the reeds regularly.
GST Included
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