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Louis Thiers Corkscrew Waiter's Friend Wine Opener - Snakewood and Matte SS

Louis Thiers Corkscrew Waiter's Friend Wine Opener - Snakewood and Matte SS

Introducing a Waiter’s Friend like no other. Not only does the craftsmanship of this wine opener make it an exceptionally beautiful piece, the innovative design of the corkscrew makes it a pleasure to work with. If you enjoy fine wines, you should use only the finest of handmade wine openers.


Comes with a natural wood storage box.



Please be advised: Each of our wine openers is handcrafted and unique. Differences are to be expected from opener to opener. Our handles are made with natural materials and as such will change over time and with use.

  • Details

    The most important part of a corkscrew is the screw or spiral. The majority of corkscrews use the same screw design which either shreds the cork or buries itself in to the cork and then tries to hang on while the cork is lifted.


    We reinvented the spiral design with the help of CAD technology and years of wine opening experience. Our spiral is the best there is. It lifts and pulls the cork making pulling the cork easier and gentler.


    The head and body are cast from solid stainless steel which is comfortable to hold and highly durable.  


    The blade is sharpened (not serrated) and includes an integrated bottle cap opener.


    The handle has been hand-shaped from natural snakewood.  The shape of the handle is multi-dimensional so there is a natural grip making it easier to control and fit in your hand.

    • Steel: High quality stainless steel (matte)

    • Total length: 12.5cm (5 inches)

    • Weight: 125gms (4 ½ ounces)

$169.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
GST Included
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